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Fuji Xerox Copier Troubleshooting

The Machine Model can be found by looking at the following locations:

locate_c2424 new2locate_dc12



  1. On the top of the machine, on or near the front panel.
  2. On the front of the machine near the top.
  3. On the front of the machine in the middle.


How do I check the Meter Reading from the copier machine?

You can check the total number of copies and pages printed by individual meters

  1. press the ‘Machine Status’ button
  2. select the ‘Billing Information’
  3. on the screen, check each meter
  • Serial Number – Displays the serial number of the machine
  • Total Impressions – Displays the total number of ‘Black Impressions’
  • Copy Service – Displays the total number of pages copied
  • Print Service – Displays the total number of pages printed
  • Fax Service – Displays the total number of pages faxed

Biiling information

How do I check the Toner Status from the copier machine?

You can check the status of consumables on the screen

  1. press the ‘Machine Status’ button
  2. select the ‘Supplies’ tab and confirm the status of the toner and other consumables

-Note : Pressing a supply name displays a screen about the status of the supply

On the supplies screen, you can check the following items:

  • Toner(K) Cartridge
  • Drum Cartridge(R2)
  • Waste Toner Container(R1)
  • Fusing Cartridge(R4)
  • Staple Cartridge(R1)
  • Booklet Staple Cartridge(R2)
  • Booklet Staple Cartridge(R3)
  • Staple Waste Container(R5)
  • Hole Punch Waste Container(R4)


What is a driver and what driver do I need?

A printer driver allows computer applications to print without carrying the technical details of each printer model within the application. There are many different drivers available for the operating systems, which are currently being used by Fuji Xerox customers. It is important to determine the correct operating system and version you are using, as there are significant differences between them. This will affect which driver should be installed. For detailed information on drivers please see our General Support Questions.

Where can I download Manual Guide of the copier machine?

This Manual Guide provides all the necessary operating procedures, maintenance information like how to clear paper jams, daily care, setting various items, and precautions. Please read this guide thoroughly to obtain the best performance on your machine.

click Manual Guide to download.