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General Support Questions

What is a driver?

A printer driver allows computer applications to print without carrying the technical details of each printer model within the application. Driver software generates the correct printing instruction from the computer to the printer. Each computer that uses a Fuji Xerox machine needs to have this software installed and configured to enable printing.

How do drivers works?

The driver software performs three basic functions:

  1. It translates the computer language of a document into a language the printer can use.
  2. It acts as a link between the computer and printer. The driver directs the computer where to send the print job.
  3. It provides access to printer specific features such as trays, duplexing options and print quality controls.
Which driver should I install?

To select the correct driver the following information is required:

1. Fuji Xerox Machine Model

The machine model can be found by looking at the following locations:

  1. On the top of the machine, on or near the front panel.
  2. On the front of the machine near the top.
  3. On the front of the machine in the middle.

2. Computer Operating System

There are many different drivers available for the operating systems which are currently being used by Fuji Xerox customers. It is important to determine the correct operating system and version you are using, as there are significant differences between them. This will affect which driver should be installed.

Common types of operating system are: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Novell. Examples of operating system versions are Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OSX.

3. The Computer Operating System Bit Size

Windows drivers are developed to correspond directly with the architecture of the operating system, which are available in 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit. If using a Windows Operating System, it is important to determine the correct operating system bit size, as it will dictate what driver that should be installed.

4. Driver Type

There are two types of drivers available to be configured with Fuji Xerox machines:

  1. PCL or Printer Control Language, which is a widely used printing language, supported by many different operating systems and considered the industry standard. A PCL driver is generally best for everyday, text-based office documents. Fuji Xerox machines are supported by later versions ofPCL.
  2. PS or PostScript is primarily suited to large PDF or other image-heavy production documents. A PS driver generally produces more detailed graphic objects. A PostScript chip must be installed in the Fuji Xerox machine for the Postscript driver to function.
  • NoteWHQLor Windows Hardware Quality Labs Printer drivers are ‘Certified for Windows’. WHQL Printer drivers are tested by Microsoft to ensure compatibility and are available for PCL and PS drivers.
How do I find my operating system version and bit size?

To determine the OS version and bit size follow the below steps:

Windows Vista:

  1. From the computer, click [Start] icon from the taskbar, and then click [Control Panel]. The Control Panel window will be displayed.
  2. Double-click the [System] icon. The Systems window will be displayed.
  3. The operating system will be listed under Windows Edition.
  4. The bit size will be listed under System Type.

Windows 2000/2003/XP:

  1. From the computer, click [Start] from the taskbar, and then click [Settings].
  2. Click [Control Panel]. The Control Panel window will be displayed.
  3. Double-click the [System] icon. The Systems window will be displayed.
  4. Click on the [General] Tab.
  5. The operating system and bit size will be listed under System.


  1. From the computer, click [Apple] icon from the taskbar, and then click [About This Mac].
  2. The operating system will be listed under Version.
  • NoteMac Operating Systems do not have variable bit sizes.
Where can I find the latest driver information and downloads?

The printer’s software CD-ROM contains all the driver software needed to run the printer. Periodically, Xerox offers driver updates to fix problems or enhance features. The newest drivers will always be found on the Fuji Xerox website here.


How do I install a driver?

Go to ‘www.fujixerox.com.sg


Go to ‘Support & Drivers’


Key in your ‘Machine Model’ – eg: DC2263N




Download Recommended Driver


Install the driver by follow the instruction



Click ‘Yes’ to agree with the ‘License Agreement’

Click standard or custom to choose the port of the copier machine.

Let it install, and change the properties of copier machine,

At last, click finish to close the tools

How do I setup the folder for 'Scan to PC'?

Go to ‘Control Panel’


“Add or remove user account’

Create a new account :

username : xerox

password : xerox


Go to ‘My Computer’ / ‘This PC

Create a folder in local disk (c:)

Change folder name into : fxscan



right click the folder, and click ‘Properties’


Click on the ‘Sharing’ tab


Click on ‘Advanced Sharing’

Check the box (Share this Folder)

Go to permissions


Add ‘xerox’ account in the group,

Make sure ‘xerox’ is full control on ‘The permissions for everyone’


After that click ok and ok

Go to ‘Security’ tab, ‘To change permissions’

Click ‘Edit’


Add ‘xerox’ account in to that group and make sure is full control on ‘Permissions for everyone’

After that, press ok and close

How do I setup 'Scan to PC' in copier machine

In control panel of the copier machine

Go to setup, ‘Add Address Book Entry’

Choose one available slot, change the ‘Server type’ into ‘Server’

Change FTP into SMB

Put in your computer name as server name/IP address


You can check from the ‘My Computer’ / ‘This PC’ s Properties

Input your Shared Name : fxscan

Username : xerox

Password : xerox

At last, save it and its done, you can try to scan a file to your pc