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DocuWorks 8 is a document handling application that allows you to manage and share information in various office setting easily. It enables a variety of electronic documents, such as office documents and image files, to be handled intutively on the computer screen just like handling paper ones.

DocuWorks 8 can serve as a document portal and is capable of supporting various communication & collaboration needs in our daily business activities, such as managing personal documents and sharing of information among team members. Furthermore, when it is integrated with the cloud service, we can even access information on the go.


The SkyDesk CRM app helps share sales-related data across the user’s organization by centrally managing its customer information, the history of contacts made with customers, and the status of negotiations. This supports a series of sales processes, including marketing, management of business negotiations and customer support. The app also visualizes the status of the organization’s sales activities in the form of reports, which helps staff respond in the best way to each customer, thus helping to prevent the loss of business opportunities, make negotiations more successful, and enhance the entire organization’s sales ability. The app can be customized as necessary according to how the company works and can be accessed from outside the company through mobile terminals.

The SkyDesk Cards app increases the efficiency of managing customer information by enabling users to register, manage and share business card data. Users can digitize business cards by taking photographs with a smartphone or by scanning the cards, and can complete the registration of the card data simply by checking and correcting the text data converted by optical character recognition (OCR). The registered data can be filtered and searched by using tags and can also be used as data on potential customers in the SkyDesk CRM app.